Group Stage Painting

Battlegrounds Saugus had a “Paint a Starter Box” (of Warhammer) event and another friend was going so I decided to participate.  I didn’t actually get any painting done while there, but did get most of the stuff assembled.  1x Carnisaur, 8x lizard-horses, and 12x lizardmen infantry.  I left off the cavalry riders (I might use them for conversions later) and the carnisaur rider (I think it looks cooler without).  Today while watching Germany v Mexico and Brazil v Switzerland I did a bunch of airbrush painting.  I’ll go back over their bellies with a lighter yellow before starting on the brushwork.

Colors are MSP Reptilian Green (the lighter green), MSP Peacock Green, Daler Rowney Burnt Umber

Also, first opportunity to use my new camera on the blog.  It’s a real camera, so it will take me a little while to learn how to use it properly.  Fortunately the defaults are good and it seems to do a lot better with colors than the cell phone or Surface Pro.


Kayazy Assassins

The assassins were one of my first Khador purchases after the initial 50pt army box, and have been sitting around primed (+ gray cloaks) for several years.  I’m not super happy with the paint job they got and I think the biggest problem was trying to use a wash on the red clothing.  I have several of the Secret Weapon washes and despite wanting to like them (Mr. Justin is a super cool guy) they just don’t seem to work like I want them to.

I got a new photo backdrop, which was used in all these images.  The color is correct on the first one, and not correct on the rest.

I love the Underboss mini.  So tough.  So balding.

I used a variety of skin and hair colors on the assassins.

Unit leaders get fancy cloaks apparently.