Diamondback Mecha

One of the coolest-looking units in the Black Diamond force is the mighty Diamondback mecha.  This bad boy is 11cm tall and sits on an 80mm base.  Primer/Base Coat is Vallejo colored primer German Panzer Grey (73.603).  Global highlights were done with a broad stroke of VMC Basalt Grey and tighter highlights of Basalt Grey mixed with RMS Rainy Grey.  The blue spots are RMS Light Blue.  Edge highlighting will be the bulk of the effort on this fellow, with some of the Rainy Grey highlights started.  I’m not sure what to do with the Plasma Glaive yet – overall I’m hewing rather close to the studio paintjob, but I think I want to do something different for the blade here.  The airbrush is certain to be involved.  I wish I had not glued the head of the glaive on – masking off 90% of the model will be rather annoying.

DSC05120 DSC05121 DSC05123 DSC05127

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