Magic Treasures – Update 1


The final WIP post for today is Reaper 02540: Magic Treasures by Bob Olley.

The gold on all three is RMS Pirate Gold with a Citadel Agrax Earthshade wash, then drybrushed with Pirate Gold and very lightly with VMC Metal Medium.

The cloak is RMS Twilight Blue with a Citadel Druchii Violet wash – I like how it tinted the desaturated blue a nice purple color.  As expected, the wash didn’t to a great job of shading the cloak, but it will give me a nice place to start.  I plan on making the cloak a nice bright color by the time I’m done.

The boots are basecoated in P3 Khador Red Base with a Druchii Violet wash.  I was hoping for a similar nifty effect like I got on the cloak, but instead it just came out nasty looking.  I plan to repaint them red, and shade using glazes.


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