Quick-and-Dirty Doctrine

Perhaps one day I will paint my Doctrine models, but that day is not anytime soon.  So rather than have them sit unused, I assembled them, primed them and gave them a sepia wash.

DSC05021 DSC05175    DSC05179

From left to right:

2x Librarian, Ekhis and Delphyne, Novitiates, Fiametta, Togan and Cecilia, Hasami, Prefects (Veronica, Jacob, Valeria)

Black Dragons

Here they are, the completed Black Dragon squad and their leader Sophia Drake.

DSC05135 DSC05139 DSC05141 DSC05144

A shot from above with a better view of their bases.  These are the base inserts that were included with Kickstarter orders.  3 styles of 40mm base inserts are on display here.  VMC Oily Steel, RMS HD Armor Grey and RMS Rainy Grey were used over a black base.


Here we have a shot from below (with some photoshopping of the background).


And experimenting with a white background.  They look a lot darker (closer to my intended coloring), but less accurate than the above images.  Interestingly, the matte sealer I used (Liquitex Matte Varnish, applied with an airbrush) noticably brightened the grays.