Fulumbar Ironhand – Progress 2

Work continues on Fulumbar, aka Project G.  The face and beard is done, though I am worried the beard looks a bit weird.  Did I take the highlights too high, or are there not enough locks of hair that are highlighted?  The metal bits of his hammer, shield and helm are metal – attempting some light TMM though it doesn’t show in the pictures.  Leather bits of armor are detailed.  Hammer haft, horns and pouches got a base coat.  The hair on the helm is the last bit that needs basecoating – I’d like to use a cool color to tie in with the blue, but not sure how to not make it look ridiculous.  Then detailing for all those bits, plus the chain parts of his armor (drybrush metallics?)  and the beer stein on his shield.

Barely anything left, right?


DSC05196 DSC05203 DSC05201 DSC05200

New WIPs and progress on Project G

This is a weekend-update type post.  First off, I got a lot of good work done on Project G.  Only one bit completely naked (no base coat), and about half the detailing is done.  With luck I can finish him up this week – though it might be difficult to get in time during the week since I’ll be out on travel for a few days.

I started working on Darkspace Iron Chef from Relic Knights.  aka “Solid Snack”.


And also Lorenzo Cortez from Anima Tactics who has been sitting primer in my drawer of shame for quite a while now. I’m looking forward to using MSP Clockwork Brass on his arm.


MAS Made For Infinity District 8 Garage

This bit of terrain was completed a while back – I’m reposting it here to easily reference it.  The first two images are from before I added all the posters.

This terrain involved heavy use of an airbrush to grime and lighting.

The holo-ad is also from MAS. The big bits of graffiti/advertisements are Made For Infinity decals from MAS. The small bits were printed out on 20lb paper and glued with thinned-down craft glue.

DSC04746 DSC04743 DSC04820 DSC04817 DSC04815 DSC04812 DSC04810