Fulumbar Ironhand – Progress 3

Fulumbar is finished (minus a matte coat), though I might do some work on the base.  It didn’t come out quite how I’d envisioned it, though I woul dneed to be careful not to draw attention away from the miniature.

DSC05228 DSC05232

Weekly Progress

As predicted, I didn’t get a lot accomplished this week.  Saturday was New England Paint Day down in Groton, CT, but unfortunately the weather said it was going to rain in the afternoon, and I wasn’t willing to do a two hour motorcycle trip in the rain.  The main accomplishment was that I mostly finished up Project G.  I also made some good progress on the Diamondback Mecha, and a tiny bit of progress on the magical treasures.  I put down some black undercoat on the weapons & armor one, re-basecoated the boots, and started to highlight the cloak.  No pictures for now.

Diamondback Mecha – Progress 2

The Diamond is going to be a long slog of edge highlighting, but I also made some progress on his axe.  I’m happy with how it looks so far, but it seems like it’s missing something.

DSC05235 DSC05238

That’s airbrush work, of course.  RMS Light Blue (the same as the other blue bits), then RMS Clear Blue and finally Reaper New Pro Paint Ocean Blue.