Pacer Bot

I didn’t feel like painting my Black Diamond today, so I thought I’d start cleaning a Pacer Bot – a fairly simple model in the Cerci Speed Circuit faction.  Then I figured I’d assemble it.  And then prime it.  Oh, and while I have the airbrush out, I might as well prime the base, directional highlight the mini, base coat the mini and base.  Then I looked at the studio paint job and decided to get started on that – just the blacks and whites.  Then I did them all.  And decided to do a little bit of freehand (the design on the upper pods) to match the studio job.  Then I got the airbrush back out and painted the yellow lines on the base and sealed the mini.

Long story short, I painted a mini, start to finish, in an afternoon.  Seven hours, including watching several anime episodes.

DSC05345 DSC05349 DSC05353 DSC05354

The base is Badger Opaque Green over white primer.  The street is 80 grit Emery Cloth sandpaper, with VMC Yellow Ochre lines painted with a stencil I created out of plasticard.

For the mini, I used Vallejo German Gray Primer, then Vallejo White Primer from upper angles all the way around.  I then used VMC Fluorescent Magenta as a base coat.  RMS Pure White and RMS Pure Black for all the accents, with some leftover VMC Basalt Gray and RMS Rainy Gray for the highlights of the nozzles and exhaust.  It’s a vehicle, so it has a nice gloss coat, which unfortunately interferes with my pictures.  Also, the pictures don’t properly capture just how bright that magenta is.  It’s the same color as the studio paint jobs for Princess Malya and the Pacer Bot.


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