Salvage Mech Construct – Update 1

Continuing my weekend of “paint multi-legged mechs,” I started on the Salvage Mech Construct from DeepWars.  I decided I would try to emulate Antimatter’s painting style (without spending too much time on it).  I airbrushed him with brass, then started playing with inks and washes.  I only have a couple of inks, and they did seem to work better for this purpose.  I had to go back over the washes with thinned brass to keep things shiny.  He’s pretty close to finished actually.  I need to touch up a few spots, maybe incorporate some feedback if I get any, then work on his base.

DSC05362 DSC05363

DSC05365 DSC05368

Paints used.  You can also see the start of his base.



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