Miyuki and Natsumi, Update 1

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally started to put paint (again) on Miyuki and Natsumi.  I purchased a You’re Under Arrest plastic model kit (the Honda Today and mini-compo) back in about 2000.  I assembled that kit, but never finished the pair of resin figures it came with.  Recently I gave them a Simple Green bath and primed them (should have spent a little time cleaning mold lines too, but they’re not bad).  I’ve wanted to paint anime garage kits since college, but never had the courage with my skill.  Well, I’m starting to go down that path now with my first anime characters.  So anyway, here they are, mostly base-coated.


I might need to lighten up Natsumi’s skin and reduce the saturation of the shirts, but am mostly happy with the colors.

Part of the impetus for painting these ladies is that I got the 2nd kit in that YUA Movie series, the Nissan Fairlady 240ZG (police car edition).  It includes resin figures of Natsumi and Aoi.  There are two more kits in the series, but I didn’t want to buy a zillion plastic model kits (at least until I complete my first one).  The other two kits in the series are a police version of a Porsche (which comes with Chie and Yoriko) and Miyuki’s Toyota S800 (which comes with Miyuki and Ken).  These kits are long out of print, but the Porsche at least seems easy to acquire.


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