Amelial – Update 1


DSC05467 DSC05469 DSC05470 DSC05472 DSC05474

I played a game of Relic Knights on Saturday using Amelial (via proxy) to great effect.  Her Fly trait gave her excellent mobility given the several pieces of tall terrain we had.  So I decided to paint her up.  Mold lines were typical for Relic Knights (not terrible, but frequently poorly placed and often-times quite noticeable), and assembly was a bit of a pain.  She’s got some weird cloud thing that she normally mounts on, but I didn’t like it so I created an alternate mount with a little resin accessory piece I had.  I managed to get about a 15mm pin into her foot and the rock, so she should be quite secure.  Her front foot originally connected to the cloud, so I had to trim the connecting piece off, but I did a pretty good job and it won’t be very noticeable.  After priming, I gave her a coat of RMS Noir Black, then some white for directional highlighting.  The wings aren’t attached yet, but I did the same for them.  Overall, I plan for her to be a dark piece (fitting with her Void alignment) – a black edged base with a “barren wasteland” motif.

Novus Design Studios Scatter Terrain – Update 1


My FLGS had a 20% off everything in the store sale going on, so I picked up some resin pieces to use as scatter terrain in Relic Knights.  As I was painting them, I decided that the vending machines would make perfect objective markers for Cerci, so they got based.  I couldn’t get the plywood bases perfectly flat, even after sanding, so I grabbed some plastic from blister packs, glued it on then cut it to shape.  Vending machines are Badger airbrush colors, as are the black dumpster lids.  Dumpster metal is RMS IMEF Olive, while the junk inside is basecoated RMS Noir Black.

Speaking of plywood bases, I recommend that you don’t get them.  Stick with MDF.  MDF is generally much easier to deal with, IMO.


Female Dual-Wield Fighter – Update 2

DSC05460 DSC05462

I was causing a fair bit of damage to this lady as I was painting her (including dropping her on the floor and bending her dagger), so I decided to just attach her to the base now, while the damage won’t ruin my paint job.  The base is mostly done, but I’ll probably add something to the vegetation.  I also started highlighting and shading the buttcape.