Amelial – Update 1


DSC05467 DSC05469 DSC05470 DSC05472 DSC05474

I played a game of Relic Knights on Saturday using Amelial (via proxy) to great effect.  Her Fly trait gave her excellent mobility given the several pieces of tall terrain we had.  So I decided to paint her up.  Mold lines were typical for Relic Knights (not terrible, but frequently poorly placed and often-times quite noticeable), and assembly was a bit of a pain.  She’s got some weird cloud thing that she normally mounts on, but I didn’t like it so I created an alternate mount with a little resin accessory piece I had.  I managed to get about a 15mm pin into her foot and the rock, so she should be quite secure.  Her front foot originally connected to the cloud, so I had to trim the connecting piece off, but I did a pretty good job and it won’t be very noticeable.  After priming, I gave her a coat of RMS Noir Black, then some white for directional highlighting.  The wings aren’t attached yet, but I did the same for them.  Overall, I plan for her to be a dark piece (fitting with her Void alignment) – a black edged base with a “barren wasteland” motif.

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