Suspect 7 – Update 4

I decided that Warlord Purple was just too bright for a ninja, so I repainted #2 in the standard Black Diamond array of grays.  #1 got a coat of Vallejo Game Ink (Violet).  They all got Pure Black on their swords and a few other bits.


Amelial – Update 2

I looks like I missed an intermediate update on Amelial, but I’ve got all the colors blocked in and started working on some of the detailing. The darker purple is Vallejo Game Ink (Violet), while the lighter purples are RMS Amethyst Purple mixed with various grays to desaturate it. It is mixed with Alien Flesh on the wings and Dark Elf Skin on the body. The gray on the bodysuit is RMS Dark Elf Skin. Lining is either Nightshade Purple or Walnut Brown depending on what it’s next to. I am happy with the NMM on the body pieces (and the wings should be easy as well, but I’m waiting until they’re attached), but the sword is weird looking. Up close you can see obvious striping, but at arm’s length the blending should be fine. I hope it looks good enough because I don’t want to have to redo it. NMM is hard, and I don’t want to put in the effort yet to learn how to do it properly. I am painting for fun, and don’t want to spend lots of effort to learn something new right now. I know that pushing yourself is how you get better, but I’m actually fairly happy with the quality I’m putting out right now. So I’m planning on plateauing here for a while, and maybe work on my speed before I start working on my quality again.

DSC05543 DSC05546



I painted Windreaper in his entirety during the “Paint Binge” challenge over Thanksgiving weekend. Probably about 10 hours of work total. I enjoyed using lots of browns – not only do I like brown, but it’s also a very easy color to work with. It blends easily and is generally very forgiving. I picked up Windreaper during a Black Friday sale last year, so I thought this would be an appropriate miniature to do for the paint binge. I am also finding that I prefer painting miniatures without a billion do-dads (Stonehaven definitely falls into this category, Werner Klocke not so much).

DSC05528 DSC05530 DSC05533 DSC05535 DSC05538