Kitty – Update 1

Kitty, Modern Adventurer (and twin) from Hasslefree Miniatures.  Progress so far, though I’m still not sure about all the colors I’ve picked.  The pants seem off, as do the boots and gloves (though they looked weirder when they were green).  Hatsune Miku is an inspiration for this miniature.

DSC05644 DSC05646 DSC05650

Amelial – Update 3

Amelial has been assembled and based.  Things remaining to be done: NMM gold on wings, redo some of the lining on the inside of the wings, face and hair.  There might be some other minor touchups required, and I may add one or two more objects to the base (which is supposed to look barren)

DSC05629 DSC05635 DSC05637