CNC Miniature Workshop Planters

I’ve been working on several large groups of terrain lately, which unfortunately (space-wise) interferes with my ability to also paint miniatures.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish up the next set this week (maybe even today) and get back to miniatures.  The first set, however, got done earlier this week.  This is two sets of planters from the Paranoia series from CNC Miniature Workshop Scenery.  You can see the results of experiments on the tall tree-like planters – they are not quite uniform.  I got the process mostly figured out for the long hedges, which are the main thing I wanted out of the set anyway.  Like the HUMPT1, there was quite a bit of gluing involved in the assembly, though it was otherwise quite straightforward.  The hedge substance is Dark Green Undergrowth flock from Woodland Scenics (except for the one tree that looks different which is Coarse flock).  I put down a very thick layer of tacky glue then stuck small clumps of the undergrowth into it.  After the first layer was dry (several hours, since I applied the glue so thickly) I went back, removed loose pieces and patched most of the holes.  I may need to periodically repair the flock from wear-and-tear during play.


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