DSM-1150 Female Thief

I finished off the female thief I started work on at the January NEMPA meeting.  Less than one month to get a miniature done! The original plan was to use her as my character in a one-shot that was intended to be today, but it got snowed out. She didn’t come out quite how I imagined the character so I decided to switch miniatures anyway.

Some notes on colors:
Highland Moss, -Jungle Moss, +Lemon Yellow for the blouse
Rattlesnake Leather, -Umbral Umber, +Tanned Leather for the pants
Ruddy Leather, -Umbral Umber, +Oiled leather for the boots
Blond Triad for the hair
Tanned Skin, -very thin Violet Shadow, +Fair Skin for skin

DSC05803 DSC05807 DSC05812

I’m not super happy with the eyes on an absolute scale, but I am very happy given that this is a Darksword model, and they have realistic (aka, tiny) eyes.


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