77164 – Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

Elliwyn is my entry into the “Little People” Bones Beauty Pagent on the Reaper Forums. I started her at the January meeting of NEMPA and finished her today. (I spent far too long on her for such a silly paint job.) I originally picked the colors to torment Qwyksilver, who was waxing poetic about color wheels at the time. I also originally tried to give her blue skin by mixing the hair color with a skin color, but it just looked too weird, so I painted over it – but not fully, as you can see – for an interesting effect. I mostly dug around in my paint collection for the brightest colors I had. The hair is Surf Aqua, tunic is Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, gloves and shoes are Jade Green (originally Alien Goo, but it was too bright). Shield is VGC Warlord Purple + Red Ink.

DSC05843 DSC05847

Silly little story I wrote for her:
“As a bard, Elliwyn has a complete and innate ability to coordinate her outfits merely by the sounds the various materials make. She must remain ever vigilant though, for she is regularly attacked by rogue fashion designers and artists armed with color wheels. She uses her magical Horn of Color Spray to incapacitate such miscreants. She more mundane measures (ie, her sword) against those who say that doesn’t make any sense.”

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