Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova – Update 1

In preparation for the arrival of my Khador All-in-One Army Box, I decided to hit up Hobby Bunker and see if they had anything worth grabbing ahead of time.  In particular, I wanted to grab a non-Sorscha warcaster, since I’ve heard that changing up the warcaster can make the same army play very differently.  Zerkova was on sale, so I picked her up.

I want her to look reasonably nice, so she is getting a real paint job (most of that Army Box will be getting airbrushed with only a few details picked out – so I can actually play).  But I also don’t want her to languish in half-finished land (like Dana, Kitty, Wild West Missionary, Suspect #7 #3, Miyuki and Natsumi (and that’s not even including the drawer of shame), so I’m trying something new… paint each section to completion before moving on.  Detailing is my least favorite part of painting, so the theory is that spreading that out will cause the mini to finish sooner.

So, starting with her face and hands (they may become gloves… not sure), I basecoated in MSP HD Caucasian Flesh, washed with MSP Flesh Wash, reclaimed the basecoat then highlighted with MSP Fair Skin.  Just a touch of MSP Old West Rose for the lips.  The art shows her with a slight brown/yellow tint to her lips, but I couldn’t figure out to make this work.  The eyes are MSP Walnut Brown lining, MSP Linen White sclera and MSP Aqua Blue iris.

The art for Zerkova shows her as a platinum blonde, so I walked up MSP HD Woodland Brown, MSP Blond Shadow, MSP Blond Hair, MSP Blond Highlight, MSP Pure White.

The next section was her cloak, with I basecoated in VMC Basalt Grey, which I picked because it’s pretty similar P3 Greatcoat Grey.  I used a thicker paint consistency that normal, which worked very well.  The basecoat covered fully in two coats, as opposed to my previous 3-4.  I shaded with VMC German Grey (also the inside of the cloak), then highlighted up to MSP Rainy Grey.  I lined the fur with MSP Grey Liner.  The fur (including the hat) is basecoated in MSP Rainy Grey, then drybrushed with MSP Pure White.  I experimented with washing Pure White with Rainy Grey or Basalt Grey, but the former was barely noticably and the latter was too dark.  There are a few ugly looking brushstrokes on the cloak, but overall I am very pleased.  Thicker paint, wicking more off my brush and using more intermediate colors was the trick to getting it to look better and also not take forever.

DSC05897 DSC05908 DSC05909

Now for super-closeup mugshot of making-my-painting-look horrible.  It looks fine with the 3″ rule, but I do see a few spots I’ll fix.  The left side of the mouth, some unevenness in the eye lower lining and extending the right eyebrow.  Also, apparently she has a bleeding eye or something, but I cut off the “bleeding” and painted it normally.

DSC05912 DSC05913

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