Tarja, Yaga Soul Weaver – Update 1

I picked up the resin version of Tarja, Yaga Soul Weaver from Hobby Bunker while attending NEMPA yesterday.  The detail is wonderful, as expected from a boutique maker, but the cast was only average – much worse than the Yoko the Psycho in metal I got from the Kickstarter.  There were noticable mold lines, several small bubbles, and fair-sized gaps to fill.  Not bad by any means, but it doesn’t give me particular faith in the spin-cast resin process.  After assembly and cleanup, I gave her an initial directional highlight and started the skin with RMS Rosy Skin and RMS Flesh Wash.  The base is from Micro Arts Studios.


I think I am going to paint her up as an alternate for a Khador warcaster – probably Zerkova because she’s the more wizardy of the two possible candidates.  That will make the robes red, and the weapon (and ruins) have a green glow.  Maybe this will give me an excuse to pick up the Secret Weapon Fallout wash I’ve been eyeballing but haven’t figured out how I could possibly use it.

Aldon Oathkeeper, Paladin

I finished up J’s dwarf character for our new 5E campaign.  I don’t remember what his name is, but he’s a dwarven cleric of [the only diety in the game].  He is something of a fop, and also has impeccable hair.  I purposely left the gloss coat on his hair and metallic parts to represent this.  I kicked this guy out quickly and had fun doing so, I think because there was no real pressure on me.

DSC06049 DSC06053