ReaperCon Diorama – Update 1

I decided to enter a diorama for ReaperCon and have been making excellent progress.  I’m using the miniatures from Victoria Miniatures that I painted up a while back, plus some resin scenery from Secret Weapon Miniatures and Itar’s workshop.  The base is a jar candle lid.  The road is sandpaper and the roadside is a mixture of model railroad ballast, grass tufts, static grass and dried rooibos tea.  I may need to redo the road sign (and it needs to be mounted properly), and I’ll need to make a better “checkpoint” sign.  I may find something for the soldiers to stand on as well – there’s not quite enough of them showing behind the jersey barrier.

DSC06112 DSC06116

60172: Hosilla (Box of Awesome, Marvinbox)

Here is my contribution to Hosilla, as painted by the members of the Marvinbox team.  The Box of Awesome is a Reaper Minis forums thing where we pass a box filled with miniature stuff around – take some stuff, add some stuff.  Each box contains a miniature with different bits painted by each member.  I painted Hosilla’s skirt and belts.

DSC06109 DSC06110

My loot from the Box: