HFA069 – Tomoko / Relic Knights Viper Proxy

I got Tomoko from Hasslefree Miniatures to use a proxy for a Viper in Relic Knights.  Tomoko is pretty obviously based on Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and that’s also what Viper is based on (though not nearly as closely).  Of course, I had to give her purple hair like Motoko.  It also turns out that Motoko’s clothing already matches my Black Diamond color scheme pretty well (neutral grays), though that is more of a happy coincidence than anything intentional.  I got Tomoko on Thursday and had her done (except for sealing) by Friday evening.  This is very close to my ideal – a good paint job fast.  You may notice that she has the SMG that comes with the resin Tomoko but I’ve used the metal tag – I ordered a sprue of the sci-fi SMG and did a weapon swap, and it’s a pretty fantastic job if I do say so myself.  I started by priming her with VMC German Gray, then airbrushed VMC Basalt Gray and RMS Rainy Gray for the initial shading.  I used glazes of RMS Black Wash to create the black clothing, and mixed a little white into Rainy Gray to create a lighter color gray for the bodysuit.  I picked out a few edges, laid down some subtle highlights and shadows on the clothing, then painted the skin with RMS Olive Skin triad.  The hair is RMS Carnival Purple with some of the Imperial Purple triad for highlights and shadows.

DSC06160 DSC06169 DSC06172 DSC06177

Still experimenting the the matte varnish.  I think that pushing it through the airbrush is just a bad idea.  I don’t mind how it looks in hand (super-matte, but “fuzzy”), but I think applying it with a brush I can avoid the fuzzy while keeping the majority of the matte-ness.

And the super-closeup of the face which makes it look bad.  (but not quite as bad as previous closeups – am I getting better or is the camera just out of focus?)


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