Sogarat Tempest Regiment / Relic Knights Codebreak Proxy

Codebreaker (and Slaved Cypher) won’t be out for a few months, but I wanted to get a head start playing with them, so I made a proxy out of an appropriately sized Infinity figure.  This is the Combined Army’s Sogarat Tempest Regiment with some minor modifications (axe removed, helmet horns removed).  The Slaved Cypher is a Reaper Bones familiar (from Bones Familiar Pack 2).

DSC06232 DSC06235

Most of the shading on Codebreaker was done with an airbrush, with edges and then a few details picked out.  There is lots of purple because Black Diamond uses purple (corruption) esper.  The purple/blue/red/orange coloring of the fibers is because Codebreaker also uses those colors.  I’m not sure that was the best choice of things to do with those fibers, but he was looking just a little too boring with only gray and purple.  The cypher was quickly shaded with an airbrush, then doused in a variety of different washes.  A few high points were picked out with green and blue (so he looks gross) then fluorescent green eyes were added.  He is not supposed to be a happy cypher.

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