PP: Khador Beast 09

Here we have Beast 09, which I managed to clean, assemble and paint in about 4 hours.  Although the paint job is not much more than primer, I’m very happy with how good he looks for that amount of effort.  I started with VMC German Gray primer (a neutral gray around 90% black), then mixed up a 50% gray and hit it all the way around from about 30 degrees above centerline, then finally did white from about 60 degrees above centerline.  Finished it off with some red ink on a few spots to break up the grays (and clearly identify him as Khador) and there you have it.

20150823_185807 20150823_185819 20150823_185829 20150823_185835

Unfortunately, he was scrapped on turn two of his game ever, because he was 1/4″ too close to the enemy.  grrr.  I am looking forward to the point where I don’t lose every game (and most of the horribly) – based on what I’ve heard that you need about 25 games before that starts happening… that will be next spring.


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