PP: Khador Juggernaut – Update 1

I decided to not stress about this Juggernaut… because he’s just a Juggernaut.  After putting on a directional highlight, I decided he should be red and applied some MSP Briar Rose (you can still see this on the back) with the airbrush, but the first coat was a bit dark, so I then put on Khador Red, just from the front/top.  I didn’t use up the paint, so I added some Khador highlight (mind you, I’m just messing around), then some off white, smaller and smaller areas.  At this point, I’m basically following the Privateer Press formula for Khador, and sure enough, it’s looking a bit peach/pink, so I did a few coats of very thin red ink.  I did a bit of detailing and some metal areas, and he’s mostly done at this point.  The main thing left to do is clean up the smokestacks a little bit then seal him up.  I’m very happy with how the shading came out, and will definitely be using this if I ever seriously try to make something look good instead of just fooling around.

20150828_182859 20150828_182904 20150828_182913 20150828_182922

For the Motherland!


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