2015 Year in Summary

Here is everything I painted in 2015 (minus 4 exchange minis, Dana Murphy and my ReaperCon diorama).  There are also 9 1’x1′ city tiles that were painted and not shown.  I may have missed a few others, but the bulk are here.  By my count, that is 84 miniatures, 3 complex painted pieces of scenery, 27 pieces of simply-painted scenery, one bit of scratch-built scenery and one scratch-built diorama (2 minis on the diorama are also counted in the miniatures).  57 from Privateer Press (most are tabletop level army-painted units), 11 Relic Knights (including 3 non-SPM as proxies), 10 Reaper Minis, 2 Stonehaven, 1 Tin Man Minis, 1 Hasslefree, 1 Infinity, 1 Dark Sword


Including the Warmachine miniatures I assembled, primed and [usually] gave an identifying color to.  +58ish


Koldun Lord

The Koldun Lord got finished the other day, and he actually came out better than I was planning on doing him.  The miniature’s nickname is “Bad Santa” so I felt like he really ought to get some distinctive Christmas markings, especially considering the time of year it is.  I didn’t quite get him done for Christmas Day, but pretty close.  MSP Christmas Wreath for the midtone of his cloak, but it’s so seasonal.

DSC06607 DSC06610

“Ho ho ho!  Have you been a good warjack this year?”


These guys have actually been finished for a weekish now, but I kept forgetting to take pictures.  Shredders are a basic Legion unit, basically cheap guided missiles.  MSP Drow Skin Triad for their flesh and MSP Snow Shadow -> MSP HD Winter Blue for what little armor they have.  Mouth is VGC Warlord Purple.   This is the standard color scheme for my legion beasts.

DSC06631 DSC06632