Blighted Nyss Legionnaires, Captain Farilor and Standard

Table-top quality, with a little extra time on the two faces.  Most fields were base-coated, washed, then lightly glazed with the mid-tone to bring it back.  Colors are: Metal is P3 Quicksilver (P3 Armor Wash), MSP HD Winter Blue (GW Drakenhof Nightshade), MSP Imperial Purple (GW Druchii Violet).  Skin is MSP Dusky Skin Triad.  Hair is White+GW Drakenhof Nightshade Wash.  Bases, swords and Farilor’s armor got a final gloss coat over the matte coat.  The pole of the standard was removed and replace with steel rod.  2-part epoxy hold the rod to the standard, and I put too much epoxy on there, but at least it’s never coming off.

As a side note, this looks like terrible armor to wear into combat.  That dress thing in the back is going to be tripping you up non-stop.  I guess that’s why these guys are so slow (for Legion).

DSC06635 DSC06637

DSC06640 DSC06643 DSC06645 DSC06646 DSC06650 DSC06651 DSC06657 DSC06658 DSC06662 DSC06664 DSC06666 DSC06667


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