This new HIPS plastic is soooo much better to work with than the old PVC.  Actual assembly takes longer because there are more pieces, but when you factor in cleaning mold lines and filling gaps, it’s so much quicker and easier.  Arms (at elbows), head, stacks and base are magnetized.  I’ve only fielded him in a few games, but he did get one particular chance to shine – he managed to use almost all his cool abilities in one turn.  He walked up to another jack which was contesting a zone, knocked him down and rammed him back an inch, then whacked him again to get him out of the zone, then bought a couple of extra ranged attacks (at 2 attacks for 1 focus) against some choir members.
20160416_070820 20160416_070836 20160416_070848 20160416_070905 20160416_070921 20160416_070929


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