Kommandant Irusk – Updates 1 and 2

Kommandant Irusk, who came in a lot I got off a Facebook group.  This is apparently the old model – the newer one is very similar, but the pose is less static than this version.  He’ll be getting tabletop quality as well, which means he’s probably at least 50% done already.  I’m not going to try to put him on the table until MkIII comes out – no need to expand my stable of playable casters any more than it currently is.  (which reminds me, I painted Vlad 1, but forgot to take a picture of him yet).

20160416_071033 20160417_213252 20160417_213303

Warcasters owned (in order of acquisition)

Zerkova 1, Sorscha 2, Irusk 2, Sorscha 1, Vlad 1, Irusk 1

At some point, I will be getting Butcher 1… waiting on Blue Table Painting to ship him to me.

I also have an extra Irusk 1, 2 extra Vlad 1s, one extra Sorscha 1, and several extra Sorscha 1s with Frostfang broken off.



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