Are you ready for some Guild Ball?!? Update 4

I got in my first couple of games of Guild Ball last weekend at Gamingetc Superstore in Acton, MA.  (They’re mostly a Magic shop, with some board games and one section for Guild Ball).  Thanks to Louie and Kevin for running a “Spring Training” event on Sunday.

While there, I made a little progress on Flint.

20160524_203717 20160524_203759

There was a painting contest, and despite my team not being fully painted, I grabbed several of prizes.  The hardest-fought category was “players,” and my Chisel came out on top.


The prize for winning was “Rage,” a Union player who, sadly, won’t work for the Masons.  I’m a particular fan of the top hat and tattoos.

(I think he was painted by Kevin)

20160524_203544 20160524_203601 20160524_203610 20160524_203622

There were also games, which I lost as expected.  I managed to get first-round goals with Flint in both games though.  Second game might have gone my way if my dice weren’t so terrible.  (for example, I rolled 9 dice and got 5 ones)


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