Khador Gun Carriage – Update 2

Brave sons and daughters of the motherland, rejoice!  No longer will we be tied to unwieldy man-like constructs of metal and magic for waging war!  Behold, the nearly completed “armored box with guns and wheels!”

20160529_173615 20160529_173623 20160529_173641

Next steps are filling the gaps between the resin and styrene halves of the chassis and cleaning up some of the styrene rivets.  I may also put some “decorations” to fill in some of the empty areas.  They look kinda weird now, but I’ll also have options once I get it painted.  I might also either square up some corners on the resin or bevel them on the styrene so that the resin and styrene match.  It will depend on whether I think I can pull it off without ruining everything.  The sniper isn’t actually glued in there yet – he’ll be the only bit I assemble after painting.


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