01559: Malena the Sorceress (Project N) – Update 1

Special Edition miniature (ReaperCon 2015), sculpted by Bobby Jackson.  I was honestly not a huge fan of the sculpt, but I felt like it would be a good fit for what my partner wanted.  There are lots of wavy cloth bits to paint.  Only shading has been done so far.

20160607_202350 20160607_202404


Vayl, Consul of Everblight – Update 1

Same basic color scheme as the rest of my Nyss troops, but with a little more care since she’s a warlock.  The filigree is cool, but a pain to paint.  I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with her arms – PP’s site shows mostly more of the same filigreed armor pieces.  I’ll have to get some non-black paint on there to try to make it out.

20160607_202617  20160607_202624

Metal Kodiak – Update 2

Done except for basing.  The back side didn’t much love, but that’s fine.  People are thinking that the Kodiak is going to be a star in MkIII.  Cheap, hits okay, pathfinder, chain attack, drops clouds that hurt people.  I also got the Kodiak parts for the multi-kit done, so I’ll have to show that off as well.

20160607_202224 20160607_202240