Lazy Man Weekly WIP

I don’t feel like separating these out into individual posts right now

20160619_212817 20160619_212832

This is 03222: Elori Ebonscythe, Cleric.  For my friend Kainsin.  Apparently, she’s Elori EbonMaul now.

20160619_212842 20160619_212849

A little bit of progress on Honour.  She’s very, very close so is probably the next mini to be finished.

20160619_212920 20160619_212929

Project N complete.  Need some good pictures then I can send her along.

20160619_212952 20160619_213003

Vayl2 completed, except for the facing markings.  Happy with how she came out.

20160619_213018 20160619_213031

Strider Deathstalker completed, except for letting glue on base dry and facing markings.  Might also need to give her a little spritz of matte coat, but previous layers left white speckles, so I’m hesitant to add more.


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