Current WIPs

I haven’t posted much recently, partly because I haven’t been painting much.  My painting area gets unpleasant in hot weather unless I run the A/C for hours and hours, but the last few days have been cooler, plus I’m inspired from TempleCon.

Here are some WIPs, and one finished mini.  I have way too many items on my table ATM…

Behemoth (2016 resculpt): initial highlights/shadows done.  detail work to commence shortly


Gun Carriage: this guy was my MVP at TempleCon.  Mini is close to done, then I’m going to go all-out on the base.  Gonna see what Hobby Bunker can do for me in terms of trenches, sandbags, razor wire, etc.  I have some Cygnar Trenchers to accessorize with as well.


Succubus is done, but I didn’t feel like taking good pictures.  She’s facing down which makes her hard to photograph

20160902_191740 20160902_191746 20160902_191726

Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight: not much work done yet, the lack of detail in the PVC is a real painting turn-off

20160902_191850 20160902_191856

Nephilim Bolt Thrower and Protector: mostly just the skin.  they have Nyss-colored skin

20160902_191818 20160902_191814 20160902_191830 20160902_191838

Neraph: wings are magnetized so he’ll actually fit in foam


ReaperCon entry: I’m going to have to hurry it up if I want to put at many hours as I expect I have to before ReaperCon



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