Khador Gun Carriage

Finished up my Gun Carriage.  Happy with how it came out, and even happier how I didn’t obsess over details that won’t matter once it’s on the table.

20160905_103521 20160905_103534 20160905_103546 20160905_103601 20160905_103609 20160905_103625 20160905_103656

As mentioned previously, the front half of the chassis and sponsons are from the Khador Gun Carriage kit.  The treads are from a GW Lehman Russ tank, and the backhalf and smokestacks are scratch-built.  Next time I hit the store, I will try to pick up some barbed wire and add that to the “front” of the trenches (the rear of the vehicle).  I may also try to turn some cotton balls into black smoke from the coal.


Had fun with the base, grinding dirty Swans underneath the glorious treads of the motherland.


A face the Empress loves.


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