Khador WIPs

Khadoran flag, close to completion:


Marauder. Decided not to magnetize this guy, since I have a couple of extra heavy jack bodies, already have a magnetized kit, and it’s easier to paint whole jacks at once. Went with a dopey-looking pose, because it’s a dopey-looking jack. I used Badger Stynylrez primer, which went on great. It’s a new bottle though, and the Vallejo primer also goes on great when it’s a new bottle – and clogs my airbrush something fierce once it ages a bit. So I’ll only be able to give it a proper evaluation in a few months. I decided I’d try painting him with glazes of transparent colors to try to preserve the directional highlighting. So far, so good, but I will need more layers.


Juggernaut. I would definitely like the ability to include two of these guys in a list, so I assembled another one out of the misc bits I have (I bought a bunch of ‘jack bodies off someone a little while back). Again, decided not to magnetize the guy, but this time because I’ll be using a straight juggernaut quite a bit, and probably don’t need a second destroyer (the only other thing I have extra bits for). Gave him a cooler pose than normal – I now refer to him mentally as “Come at me, bro.” I’m trying to decide whether to give him the classic red look, or go with an alternate paint scheme, maybe 5th Border Legion.


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