Current WIPs

Darkspace Hasami from Relic Knights.  I’m loving the Spectral Moss/Clear Magenta combination.  Thanks to Adrift for suggesting Clear Magenta.

img_20161030_200057 img_20161030_200107 img_20161030_200116

Experimenting with the new airbrush, inks, and techniques I learned at ReaperCon.

img_20161030_200153 img_20161030_200203

Misc Reaper mini I picked up at ReaperCon

img_20161030_205228 img_20161030_205238

ReaperCon Status Report

ReaperCon ’16 was just as amazing as always.  The best part is always hanging out with everyone – I got to see Mocha, nyteflyer (sic?), Paul, SGHawkins, leopardpixie and so many others.  I took a bunch of great classes – Painting Difficult Colors with Jen Greenwald; Painting Expressive Faces with Derek Schubert; Fur, Feathers and Scales with Derek Schubert; Dirty and Distressed with Greg Zuniga, and Airbrush Finishing Techniques with Caleb from CK Studios.  I entered a few minis into the contest; Chisel won a Bronze in Painters (expected), and Lug won a Silver in Ordinance (not expected).  I managed to control myself, and only purchased 4 miniatures – which means I came home with 31 between freebies and melt.  I got a new airbrush from Badger, so expect to hear more about that soon, and a new backdrop from Hanger 18.  A few extra paints and some other misc stuff.

2015 ReaperCon Gold Mini – Vampire Lord by Bobby Jackson

Painted this guy for edz16 on the Reaper forums (his partner, who received 01559: Malena the Sorceress (Project N) bailed on him).  I got most of the painting done at ReaperCon ’16.  My lovely cell-phone camera captures all the terrible bits, while ignore most of the good stuff.  In person, this looks better, and I’m hoping edz16 can get some decent shots of him.

20161020_174623 20161020_1746351