ReaperCon Status Report

ReaperCon ’16 was just as amazing as always.  The best part is always hanging out with everyone – I got to see Mocha, nyteflyer (sic?), Paul, SGHawkins, leopardpixie and so many others.  I took a bunch of great classes – Painting Difficult Colors with Jen Greenwald; Painting Expressive Faces with Derek Schubert; Fur, Feathers and Scales with Derek Schubert; Dirty and Distressed with Greg Zuniga, and Airbrush Finishing Techniques with Caleb from CK Studios.  I entered a few minis into the contest; Chisel won a Bronze in Painters (expected), and Lug won a Silver in Ordinance (not expected).  I managed to control myself, and only purchased 4 miniatures – which means I came home with 31 between freebies and melt.  I got a new airbrush from Badger, so expect to hear more about that soon, and a new backdrop from Hanger 18.  A few extra paints and some other misc stuff.


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