77161: Ghost King

Quick thing I did, mostly with the airbrush.

img_20161106_164057 img_20161106_164106

Current WIPs

Working on Secret Santa/Sophie entries for Privateer forums and Reaper forums.

img_20161106_164152 img_20161106_164203 img_20161106_164230 img_20161106_164317 img_20161106_164345

The iconic Psychic is a fun model – I am actually a little sad I decided to do glowing eyes, because they’re big enough that I might have been able to paint irises.  The water weird will go along with her.  I will be using what I learned in Jen Greenwald’s class on the psychic’s headdress – the camera blew out the white, but there are some decent looking shadows in there.

Naaresh is just weird.  And he’s even weirder in holiday colors.

Also shown is the new backdrop from Hangar 18.  I actually had to redo these photos, because the camera kept trying to focus on the backdrop.