Master Ascetic Naaresh

I painted this guy for the Privateer Press Forums Secret Santa 2016 exchange.  This is a Christmas themed exchange, so Naaresh here got lots of Christmas colors.  I used two of Reaper’s Christmas special edition MSP paints – Christmas Wreath (green) and Ginger Cookie (tan).  Other major colors are MSP Big Top Red and VGC Glorious Gold.

dsc06912 dsc06916 dsc06922

And yes, this dude has bits of [festive] metal stuck into his skin.  Hoksune, I guess.


Ogrun Bokur

This beefy guy barely fits on a 40mm base.  He is quite a solid hunk of metal.  He was a pretty quick paint job – probably 4 hours total.  I primed black then used directional highlighting to bring out the highlights.  Then, instead of using paints, I did pretty much the whole thing with inks, which are transparent and will let the shading I did with the airbrush show through.  Also, a little bit of water effects on the base.

dsc06928 dsc06932 dsc06935

Widowmakers (Leader)

I was poking at this lady as color experiments with the red, then decided to finish her up.  I got about 15 widowmakers in a lot I bought off someone (in addition to the 5 I already had), but you’re only allowed to field 5, so the others may also get used as test subjects in the future.

I used the real camera (when I can get it to focus), which I like better except that it makes little white dots everywhere – some interaction with the matte sealer, I think.  It was playing nice with the focus tonight though, and I actually got a decent photo of her face – yes, I cheated and didn’t draw pupils, but no one will ever notice.

dsc06883 dsc06891 dsc06893 dsc06904