Directional Highlighting with Airbrush

I love how it looks when it’s black-and-white with just the directional highlighting from the airbrush.  Probably too much white on Fyanna, but it will probably get covered up by paint anyhow.  Herne and Jonne will get done with inks, so I’ve basically already done the highlighting and shading.  I’m not sure how I’ll tackle Brun and Lug yet, or even what kind of bear Lug should be.  Random Super Dungeon Explore Mushroom also showed up for the primer party.

20161122_205744 20161122_205749 20161122_205801 20161122_205810 20161122_205829 20161122_205839 20161122_205857 20161122_205908 20161122_205930 20161122_205946 20161122_205956

I also got some work done on minis for the next chapter of Curse of the Crimson Throne.  They should be done in time for their first appearance.


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