Man o’ War Shocktroopers (plus Kovnik)

I’ve been working on these shocktroopers for a couple weeks now, and they’re finally ready to hit the table.  I probably put 40+ hours in on these guys, which was more that I was originally planning on, but they are basically light ‘jacks, so it’s not so bad.  Zenithal highlight, red / orange / yellow inks, black out the stuff that isn’t red, then get details and metals.

I painted them all together so they’d match (including repainting the Kovnik), and I plan on running them with an Irusk 1 list, as well as bringing them to CaptainCon’s Who’s the Boss tournament.

img_20161217_123536 img_20161217_123631

img_20161217_123801 img_20161217_123827 img_20161217_123848 img_20161217_123930 img_20161217_123951 img_20161217_124004 img_20161217_124035 img_20161217_124105 img_20161217_124127 img_20161217_124136 img_20161217_124154 img_20161217_124214 img_20161217_124233 img_20161217_124248 img_20161217_124309

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