Big pile of WIPs

Bunch of stuff I’ve been working on.  I know if I try to make individual posts for each it’ll never happen, so here’s the big blob of them.

Throne of Everblight.  Holy crap this thing is big and complex.

Angelius #2

Saxon Orrik, to give my MOW Shocktroopers Pathfinder

Ragman, for when POW 19 isn’t sufficient

Rikard Kozlov

Lesovik (Juggernaut)

Micro Arts Studio Buses and Bus Stops

03803: Laril Silverhand, Blacksmith

Reaper Secret Sophie for Morihalda.  She wanted “pretty, fierce, elf, female.”  I was in Denton in May and picked up Laril at the Reaper Game Store.  I tried for a glowing rune look on her apron/hammer/anvil.