Battle Report – Burn the Town!

More text to come later. Chris’s Legion of Everblight (Thags1, CotD) attacks a remote Khadoran town defended by Zerkova1 (Jaws). Thags has to retreat before his mission can be accomplished, but Zerkova can’t consider it a success either, considering the major damage done to the town.

The quiet village of Danstowne.

Defenders –> <– invading Nyss

Unpacking is hard for the Nyss and SUPER hard for Khador.

Bottom of two, two buildings already on fire.

Marauder murders Zuriel after Zuriel leaves him with a Cortex and 1 working arm.

Zuriel is back, Marauder gets shot to death by Azrael.  Typhon manages to kill like 1 Nyss hunter with all his sprays.

Zuriel #2 kills the Kodiak.  Bayal is the only Hex Hunter left.

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