Halfling General (Pirate Captain)

Another character for a one-shot pirate D&D game.  I offered to paint up this guy if anyone agreed to be a halfling and the captain of the ship.

This is a Stonehaven Miniature’s Halfling General, mounted on a 20mm base.  Like the Half-orc Swashbuckler, he was mostly done with ink glazes over zenithal priming.

Half-orc Spellblade

My character for a one-shot pirate D&D game.  The mini is Stonehaven Miniature’s Half-orc Spellblade, but she’ll be a Half-orc swashbuckler.  I picked her solely based on this being a mini I wanted to paint.

Most of this is ink washes over zenithal priming.  The skin is Reaper MSP Bones Orc Skin with a GW Greenshade wash (a little too much blue for my liking, though).  Interestingly, the pants and the coat are the same blue, but the difference is 1 layer vs 5+ layers.  Also did a bit of TMM on the swords and pauldrons.