Current WIPs

Middara summons, Middara monsters. Gloomhaven Diviner. Also some progress on my Satyxis but no pictures of that.


Celestial Gigas

Two Celestial Gigas from Middara.  We defeated Judas, an interplanar bounty hunter and our summoner will soon be able to call one to fight for us.  A tricky part was making the different browns look distinct.  The NMM on his manacles is a bit silly but helps with the anime look.  Both are painted basically the same, so I only took one set of pictures.

Savio Montero Acosta

Quick paint job on Acosta here. Metal drybrushed over black. Then GW Contrast paints on sword and head. I tried to use Contrast black on the cloak, but it was a miserable disaster. He’s black because he’s a Thamarite (evil) and Cygnaran (evil). Base is brown because that’s what color bases my Mercs get. I’d consider painting the Thamarites a separate color since the Morrowans get a separate color, but that’s something I can fix later if I want.