Middara Monster: Blighted Something

I’m not actually sure what this monster is called, as I don’t seem to have a card for it.  Simple paint job, Stynylrez Olive Primer+Coelia Greenshade, Linen White+Agrax Earthshade, S75 Fuchsia.  P3 Gun Corps Brown for hair.

Greylord Adjunct

Lovely resin/metal model.  Outside of coat is Sanguine Base up to Khador Red.  Inside is MSP Red Shadow to Sanguine Base.  Boots/gloves are GW Contrast Snakebite Leather and Wildwood.  Fur is zenithal priming + thinned down coat of Agrax Earthshade.  Pants are P3 Traitor Green.  Metal is VMA Chainmail Silver + VAC Steel with P3 Armor Wash.  Skin is either MSP Fair Skin/Tanned Skin, or GW Contrast Guilleman Flesh (I forget which).