Current WIPs

Way too much stuff in progress.  I still have a zillion Satyxis to paint as well.

Warmachine stuff:

Stuff I 3d printed, most of it from Artisan Guild

Culture Club painted by Mocha Minis

I commissioned Mocha Minis to paint “Culture Club” by Soda Pop Miniatures (Ninja Division) with a base from Wyrd Miniatures.  I love how smooth Mocha’s blends are, and was excited to see her freehand – this mini almost demands it!

Reminder to self: dust the miniature better before taking extreme closeups!

Her website (which includes commission info):

She streams on Twitch!  Watch if you like giggles:

Midknight Heroes – Witch (1.0)

Version 1.0 is for entry into Golden Kobold

I intend to improve the miniature with feedback I receive with the intent of entering her at ReaperCon 2020

If anyone has constructive feedback they’d like to leave, please use the comments!

I know that her hair needs a bit more blending on the back and in a few spot near the sides – anything else is fair game.