Merk Hounds

Merk Hounds are random weird aquatic monsters in Middara.  Contrast Orc Green + Wildwood for a swampy green, then MSP Harvest Brown.  Tanned Skin + GW Flesh Wash for their rat-looking bits.



Aisling was *so* fun to paint.  She was done entirely at ReaperCon.  I used Blood Angels Red Contrast on her hair, smoothed with a bit of P3 Khador Red then some S75 Fluro Red. The white is MSP Pure White, with no additional highlights.  A tiny bit of neutral gray shading and lining is all there is.

Sad that she only lasted one encounter.  She nearly killed Remi by spawning next to her, then Remi’s dad killed her in a pretty gruesome manner.  The moral of her story is don’t kidnap the mafia boss’s only daughter.


I’m super happy with Rook’s NMM hammers and chains.  He’s previously been featured on a WIP.  I might put some more work into him if I feel like.  (specifically, he might get more chest and arm hair).

Photo backdrop from Hangar 18.  They had a going-out-of-business sale at ReaperCon.  Sad to hear that, but I did pick up a half-dozen new backdrops.

The whole team:

ReaperCon 2019


12 minis + 3 other mini-like things (mimic, airplane, tiny raptor)
31 paints
small set of dice
wooden d20
paint water cup
bags, notebooks and pen
stickers and posters



The hotel had cool room keys

My Raging Heroes Sorscha Kratikoff conversion won a Silver in Painter’s division.  Torch won a Silver in Ordinance Division.

Pics of the Con.  The hotel was Embassy Suites in Denton, TX.  Very nice convention center.

I love that we needed to clarify this:

My badge after all the ribbons were affixed.  I did not go ribbon hunting, but I didn’t refuse them either.

Didn’t take too many photos of friends/artists, but here are Mocha and Anne Foerster

Some Bones V previews that were on display

ReaperCon Painting Contest Pics

An extremely cute dragon made by a table friend