Dwarf Barbarian

from Artisan Guild AMAZONS! Kickstarter, a 3d printed female dwarf barbarian

Mostly painted with Citadel Contrast paint to see if I could get the layer lines to show up, and to see if there was a visible difference between 50 microns and 20 microns on an Elegoo Mars (there wasn’t). This is the 50 micron version.

Aidreth Treeborn

Aidreth Treeborn by Artisan’s Guild

First miniatures of the year!

Painted her up quickly for use as a Nymph in Middara. Her fingers didn’t print properly so they’re a big mushy but I decided it was good enough. Primed brown, then zenithal green up to off-white. Hair and leaves with Orc Skin Contrast, other colors with various washes and inks.

A’s Creepy Wolfman

My friend C asked me to paint a HeroForge mini that he created for his wife’s D&D character.  He described the character as having wolf ears and tail, and standing in a particular pose.  Left without a picture or HeroForge link, I attempted to recreate the character in the most awful way I could.  This is the result:

Obviously not worth $30 for them to print it, but worth $4 for the STL (on sale) once I got my own printer.