Current WIPs

I haven’t posted much recently, partly because I haven’t been painting much.  My painting area gets unpleasant in hot weather unless I run the A/C for hours and hours, but the last few days have been cooler, plus I’m inspired from TempleCon.

Here are some WIPs, and one finished mini.  I have way too many items on my table ATM…

Behemoth (2016 resculpt): initial highlights/shadows done.  detail work to commence shortly


Gun Carriage: this guy was my MVP at TempleCon.  Mini is close to done, then I’m going to go all-out on the base.  Gonna see what Hobby Bunker can do for me in terms of trenches, sandbags, razor wire, etc.  I have some Cygnar Trenchers to accessorize with as well.


Succubus is done, but I didn’t feel like taking good pictures.  She’s facing down which makes her hard to photograph

20160902_191740 20160902_191746 20160902_191726

Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight: not much work done yet, the lack of detail in the PVC is a real painting turn-off

20160902_191850 20160902_191856

Nephilim Bolt Thrower and Protector: mostly just the skin.  they have Nyss-colored skin

20160902_191818 20160902_191814 20160902_191830 20160902_191838

Neraph: wings are magnetized so he’ll actually fit in foam


ReaperCon entry: I’m going to have to hurry it up if I want to put at many hours as I expect I have to before ReaperCon



Hangar 18 Tiger Madchen 54mm mini-bust – Update 3

Little bit of progress on this lady.  I think I’m okay with the eyes, but she needs plenty eye makeup to match her plenty of lip makeup.  My complete lack of knowledge in this regard is sure to bite me in the butt.