03506: Egyptian Priestess (Project M)

Sculptor: Bob Ridolfi

I fished this cute girl out of the Box o’ Goodwill from the Reaper forums, so it’s only right that she make her way back to another forum member as an exchange mini for Secret Sophie 2016.  Tricksay wanted to receive “open to anything”; I love when people pick that, because I can just paint whatever I feel like.  Thanks to Bonwirn for giving me a bunch of Hirst Arts blocks to make the diorama out of.

img_20161219_202105 img_20161219_202139 img_20161219_202212

After I took these pictures I realized: OMG, you can’t even see the rear half that I spent so much time on.  Despite the chance of ruining the mini, I carefully drilled a magnet hole through the bottom of the base so she can be removed.  I threw in a gaming base as well for picture taking purposes, and just in case Tricksay ever wants to use her in a game.  I was joking with my friends at paint day that “no, those are her adventuring clothes; convenient necklace, weird skirt-thong and all.”

img_20161219_211945 img_20161219_212001 img_20161219_212037

ReaperCon 2015 Diorama

Finished version of my diorama for ReaperCon 2015 entitled “Earth Checkpoint #E76B24L”.  This is the first diorama I’ve created, and I’m reasonably happy with it.  I like to use my miniatures (at least in theory), so I probably won’t be making dioramas with any regularity.

DSC06120 DSC06123 DSC06125

The road sign is from the exit that you take to get to Reaper HQ in Denton, TX.

ReaperCon Diorama – Update 1

I decided to enter a diorama for ReaperCon and have been making excellent progress.  I’m using the miniatures from Victoria Miniatures that I painted up a while back, plus some resin scenery from Secret Weapon Miniatures and Itar’s workshop.  The base is a jar candle lid.  The road is sandpaper and the roadside is a mixture of model railroad ballast, grass tufts, static grass and dried rooibos tea.  I may need to redo the road sign (and it needs to be mounted properly), and I’ll need to make a better “checkpoint” sign.  I may find something for the soldiers to stand on as well – there’s not quite enough of them showing behind the jersey barrier.

DSC06112 DSC06116